Video Marketing

By 28th December 2015 SEO

There are a large number of ways to get your content out there however arguably one of the most effective ways of doing so is through video marketing due to the engagement it provides. However how do you ensure your video is seen? As with all content there are many different channels / methods which can be used. Below are 2 common methods:


This is a more obvious one and can be very effective provided it is done in the right way. However if done in the wrong way it can actually have negative effects (in my opinion). When advertising a video on say Youtube / Google / Facebook the key is not focusing so much the number of views, but focusing more on the amount of interaction you get i.e. the number of likes and comments you get. It is not hard to get thousands of views (just pay someone $5 on and someone will get you this in a couple of days) however it is hard to get “legitimate” views i.e views from audiences who are genuinely interested in your video. This is were targeting comes in and as the expression goes it’s not so much the quantity but its more the quality of the views. This means knowing EXACTLY who your audience are. In fact the more knowledge you have on the audience, the more you can target your audience, the more effective your video will be. However for this i can not stress how important it is TO KNOW YOYR MARKET! It might sound obvious to some but this can be underestimated.

To sum up advertising, a video with say 100,000 views and 2 likes is far less successful than say the same video with 1000 views and 50 likes / comments. Ultimately, better conversion rates will be obtained from the second scenario due to the efficiency of the campaign.


One other effective way to get you video out there is through other high traffic websites such as blogs /online magazine. This can be very effective provided once again it is shown on the appropriate blog (targeting once again). In this instance it is better to do research and contact the appropriate blogs / magazines directly. If done correctly traffic generated using this method can be very “nutritious” so to speak.


These are just two ways in which videos can be marketed. Ultimately at the end of the day the marketability of a video does of course depend on a number of internal factors with in the video it’s self as well which should be prioritised above all the marketing (i.e. how engaging is it? How well does it portray the message you want to get across? How provocative is it? etc..).